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Nevro St.Jude


Liveyon/Cell Science
Liveyon provides stem cell therapy for acute as well as chronic pain.

Medical Wave
Medical Wave is the leader in Pressure Wave technology.  We specialize in providing healthcare professionals the worlds most effective and advanced Pressure Wave and Shockwave technology reporting a 91% success rate according to clinical studies.  We are committed to helping physicians improve patient outcomes while creating new revenue streams.

Medtronic Inc.
Spinal cord stimulation (also known as neurostimulation therapy) is delivered with a neurostimulator and lead(s) implanted under the skin and adjusted with a clinician and a patient programmer. The system sends mild electrical impulses to an area near the spine, which disrupts pain signals traveling between the spinal cord and brain so patients may feel pain relief.

Mhealthcare Systems
Emerging Ultrasound Healthcare Solutions
Providing  technology to help improve patient care, productivity, profitability

Millennium Health
Millennium Health, based in San Diego, is a leading health solutions company that delivers timely, accurate, clinically actionable information to inform the right treatment decisions for each patient. The company shares a unified belief that everyone has the right to safe and effective medicine and aims to deliver on that idea by providing payers and clinicians with effective tools and information to reach that goal. Millennium Health offers a comprehensive suite of services, including The RxAnte System, Millennium PGTSM and Millennium UDTSM, that can be applied together to better address the goal of better tailoring patient care.

Millennium Laboratories
Millennium Laboratories, a leader in the science of toxicology and pharmacogenetics, is transforming the way health care providers improve clinical outcomes.  Millennium helps practitioners provide personalized care to patients in need through its patient-centered research and education initiatives and its ability to respond to evolving health care challenges with advanced technologies.

Ovadia Law Group

Personal Injury and Pip Suit Attorney.

Pain Societies

The Pain Society of the Carolinas, Tennessee Pain Society, New York State Pain Society, and the Pennsylvania Pain Society are pleased to support the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine.  We invite you to register for any of our Annual Meetings with an FAPM discount!  Upcoming:  November 3-5 in Nashville TN, December 1-3 in Charleston SC, and December 8-10 in Hershey PA.  Save the Date:  New Your State Pain Society is early May 2018!

Pentec Health
Pentec Health, Inc. is a Joint Commission accredited specialty pharmacy and infusion provider that specializes in providing comprehensive care for patients with implanted pumps treating severe pain and/or spasticity.  Our proprietary electronic communications platform ensures all disciplines remain informed and focused on improving patient outcomes.

Pharmazenx is a leading specialty Pharmacy that provides innovative customized Rx medications to improve patient outcomes and decrease health care costs. 

Phycon Medical, Inc.
eduction/elimination of pain, Neuropathy, Lymphedema, Incontinence, ED with Micro Neurovascular Therapy

Pfizer is a leading research bio-pharmaceutical company.

Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Develops innovative low-risk prescription products for unmet needs in chronic diseases or recurring conditions with metabolic etiologies.

Purdue Pharma L.P.
Purdue Pharma L.P. develops medications to help relieve chronic pain and provides healthcare professionals with the tools and resources to support their proper use. www.PurduePharma.com

RMC - Rego Medical Consultants 
1.  Grow Your Practice.
2.  Increase Your Revenue
3.  New Patient Flow;
Rego Medical Consultants;
●Strategic Innovation
Testimonials provided upon request.

Salix Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical displaying tabletop for Relistor

Sanofi biosurgery
Sanofi biosurgery is a division of Sanofi-genzyme pharmaceuticals. We promote synvisc & synvisc one to physicians. 

SantoGiovanni Collezione
Inspired by the passion and beauty inherent in our Italian and Spanish heritage with the added brilliance of practicalism inherent in all of the lovely women who came before us.  We are the passionate treasure hunters in search of the perfect pieces of jewelry and accessories which are designed, selected, and definitely admired…appealing to the stylish and selective of all ages.

US Medical Scientific
US Medical Scientific is a healthcare analytics company. We provide an innovative and integrated management solution to improve patient outcomes, increase revenue, document encounters, and mitigate risks of a pain management practice.

Weber Medical
(+49 5273 367780)
Modern multi-modality laser devices for medical laser therapy.

Wolters Kluwer
We are a global company that provides information, software, and services. Our customers are legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and healthcare professionals.

Xenoport, Inc.
Xenoport is a biopharmaceutical company focused on commercializing Horizant (gabapentin enacarbil) extended-release tablets in the United States.